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Exterior Painting Specialists in Charleston, SC


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My name is Garrett, the owner of Exterior Painting Pros. I have been in the painting industry since 2012. Our highly skilled, career painters are trained to offer you quality workmanship, clean worksites, and straight lines. Our company is small with only 2-3 projects going on per week, so your project is my priority. Once your project is started, it is worked on for full, continuous days until completion. We want to ensure that you have the best customer experience possible. We offer this through organized business systems, thorough communication both before and throughout the project, and consistent quality walkthroughs. If there are ever any issues, we will go above and beyond to make it right. Specializing in exterior painting, we stand behind our work with a 2-year limited warranty, so you can have peace of mind that not only will you have a positive experience, but that your home will be protected for years to come. Finally, I am also fully insured and licensed in SC. Contact us today for expert advice and experience the Exterior Painting Pros Difference.


Exterior Painting

We specialize in exterior painting and staining services. Whether it is your home, deck, fence, business, or homeowner association, we are happy to help and keep your place looking fresh! Exterior painting is also essential to protect your home, avoid rotting wood, water penetration, and future costly expenses. Being exterior specialists, we have a different process and product selection for each type of substrate and item. We offer complete preparation work to make sure your home lasts as long as possible. Whether that be pressure washing, board replacement, scraping, caulking, filling holes, or anything else needed for your particular project. We will also make sure to recommend various product options, from the best solutions on the market, to the best bang for your buck, we have a solution for everyone! Please see below for our steps in painting your home.

Board Replacement

We offer board replacement services to expertly replace any bad or rotting boards. Almost every home we work on has at least 1-2 rotting boards that need to be replaced. We specialize in these type of carpentry projects, and have experienced carpenters who will come to your home, identify any bad boards with you, and replace the boards that you choose to have replaced. We will precisely remove the old boards, pick up the new boards, cut them perfectly to size, nail them in place, and caulk them in where needed. Our painters will later prime the new boards with oil based primer to ensure the new boards are sealed and tannins don't bleed through. Most carpenters don't like to do these small projects and will charge an arm and a leg, but we love them and have systems in place to complete these small projects affordably!

Pressure Washing

We offer numerous pressure washing services to remove dirt, grime, mildew, mold, or anything else from your home. Most of our projects involve pressure washing a home to clean it prior to painting. This is really important, especially on decks and horizontal surfaces that have an incredible amount of dirt caked on it. We also pressure wash driveways, homes that may not need painting, fences, concrete patios, and other surfaces. We have specialty equipment and thoroughly trained workers to make sure your home is cleaned properly, every time!

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Painting Steps

We can paint or stain many different types of surfaces on your home. Whether it is wood, cement board, stucco, aluminum, steel, vinyl, or brick, we have a different process and product selection for each one. Although the steps can vary, most projects are completed in this order:

  1. Pressure wash your home several days prior to painting to ensure a clean surface.
  2. Replace rotting and damaged boards with new ones where requested.
  3. Scrape all loose and peeling paint.
  4. Caulk wherever needed with the appropriate caulk for your type of surface.
  5. Fill woodpecker and other holes with putty.
  6. Prime all bare wood areas where paint will be applied with the appropriate primer. Some primers can actually make your project last much longer than others.
  7. Setup areas prior to painting by protecting surfaces with drop cloths or by masking areas where needed.
  8. Start painting or staining your home, being careful to not get paint where it shouldn’t be.
  9. After your home is complete, we will inspect it thoroughly and do a walkthrough with you to ensure that everything is completed to your satisfaction and that you are happy!
  10. We will do a full cleanup, both daily and upon completion. Our goal is to make it look better than when we started!

Contact Us

222 West Coleman Blvd, Suite 124 #93
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464



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